Friday, February 1, 2013

A gift to wrap? What to do? Embellish, Stamp Simply Style!

Happy Friday morning!  Last week my daughter asked if I had a wedding shower card and could I wrap a gift for a coworker who is getting married.  Why sure, I'm sure we can find a card and I certainly can wrap a gift!  

When she brought the bag of goods into the studio, I knew I was in trouble!  A waste basket, a shower curtain, soap dispenser and a shower caddy, etc. I did not have a box or gift bag that would accommodate these items! We placed all the items inside the wastebasket, but obviously the shower caddy was not going to fit.  So, I tied them together using 1.5" Silky Crushed Gold Ribbon

The three large flowers are Prima Classic Roses.  They each come on a wire stem!  Bonus!  They easily and instantly created a bouquet effect and a base to build the entire embellishment!  After twisting the three wires together, they were secured by wrapping the wires onto the side of the caddy.  There were tails from the 1.5" Silky Ribbon that I pulled up into the flowers before trimming.  Also 1.25 Taupe Silk Ribbon is looped and tied onto the wire side of the caddy.  The 2" wide Silk Melissa Frances Tulle Ruffle Layered Trim is glued to the underside of the rose base. Since there were metal birds on the shower caddy, I knew these Prima Birdsong Script Birds would be perfect.  I glued one atop of another to create dimension.  There are twelve of these pretties in a package! A Gallery Rose - Quillen to finish off the entire embellishment is also glued on the flower base! 

And there we have it!  A gift not wrapped so to speak, but embellished and presentable to the bride to be!  Searching for a card was not as easy!  We decided to go with THIS card I had previously made using Becca Feeken Stamp  Background, Vintage Alphabet Soup HERE.  We removed the "you" so the card simply read "Love" and now appropriate for the gift. This card sports silk, satin, and seam binding ribbons from The Stamp Simply Store and is tied onto the top of the caddy by slipping the card into a Clear Envelope.  I punched two holes into the top of the clear envelope and tied it onto the top of the shower caddy! Voila', mission accomplished!


Sparkly Engineer said...

Great idea for wrapping this awkward package.

Sharon Johnson said...

This is a fabulous project, Barb! Very good solution to the problem at hand -- solved like a PRO!!!

Laura Kirste Campbell said...

Darling idea!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful presentation of her gift! It is just fabulous.... thanks for sharing.