Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's a PEEPS kind of Valentine's Day!

Remember the Peep Pops from this post HERE?  I made these for my grandchildren. Those who follow Explore.Dream.Discover. know I LOVE to utilize candy and food with paper crafting ideas! These yummy PEEPS are strawberry  flavor! Have you tried them?  

Well, soon after I posted those yummy Peep Pops, I was contacted by the Just Born Company indicating they had seen my blog post and wanted to know if they could send me more of their products!  Well, of course!  Pictured are the goods they mailed me!  What a blessing, just look at all the PEEPS goodness!  In my response to Just Born, I also shared info about the after school program my hubby and I volunteer for at our church and we would be grateful and would love to share any PEEPS products with these kids!  

I took the products to church with us this week, and the kids were thrilled!  We placed bags, ribbon, tape, heart cut outs along with the PEEPS product on a table in fellowship hall and let them get to work.  This post includes some photos of the kids and what they created! 

Had to share a picture of these Cherry Peeps with a chocolate base.  Oh my, if you are a fan of chocolate covered cherries, these are for you!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these!

It was heartwarming indeed to see kids of all ages creating and making Valentines!  Lots of concentration going on here!  

PEEPS wrapped in a bag!  Add a special heart message and voila' we have the perfect Valentine!

How creative is this!  Did you know Just Born also is the maker of these Goldenberg Peanut Chews?  YES, it's true!  Look how they are used to create this special I love u Valentine!  Truth be told, I never had tasted these yummy treats, and may I share, they are Wonderful, yes, wonderful with a capital W!

A special Valentine to give along with PEEPS!  Look at this smile!  

A PEEPS helper! Red Strawberry chick peeps with a chocolate base are in many of these packages.  This young lady also wrapped one of the packages for her special Valentine!

Allow me to share a special story about this tub of Peanut Chews.  Just Born sent two of these tubs, with 100 pieces in each!  We had a young man come in and shared he had no Valentine treat to take to his classroom the following day.  And his parents would not be able to get to the store to get a treat.  As he was so concerned that he would not be able to bring his required treat to class, he asked if he could count out 27, and take them to school as his Valentine treat for classmates.  So often many of the students that come to our after school program do not the same opportunities that we take for granted.  

So, A HUGE Thank YOU to Just Born for easing this young boys mind, giving him a special treat to share, and allowing us to spread your generosity! Your PEEPS are awesome, taste great, and we are very grateful that you shared all this PEEP goodness with us!  


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this story! Go Peeps!

JoAnn said...

What a nice thing for Just Born to do, but then nice things come to nice people. Congratulations.

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

this is such an uplifting post. Thanks for made my heart happy!

Linda D said...

I always love your creativity Barb. Your Peeps are adorable, and so cute.