Saturday, October 22, 2011


It has been quite the ride! Our computer crashed, we've purchased a Mac and the learning curve is killing me! I'm actually writing this post at the Mac store before giving them our computer once again to get the uploads correct! Please bear with me as I learn! Thank YOU!
Remember this CARD from some time ago? I adhered a clear envelope to the front of this gift bag for a complete package! That way the card is totally revealed! Gotta love that!
A close up of the beautiful bow! The sheer polka dot ribbon is gathered with a needle and thread! I left nice tails of thread to gather the ink gingham ribbons and tied the entire ribbon treatment to the bag handle!
So there you have it! A card that is used on a gift bag to make a gift gifting statement! All ribbons are found at The Stamp Simply Store! Be sure to check out all the new items in the store!
Check out JustRite as well for all the latest and greatest! I hope to be back on a regular basis next week! I'll be honest, that's a projected time frame, it will depend on when we get our computers back! Take good care! I miss being here!


Gale Wrigley said...

I hope you enjoy your Mac conversion as much as I have. I am wild about all my iProducts!

Sheri said...

What a beauty! Yes, I do remember it. Once you learn the MAC you will love it! I am a MAC person. However after having them for years and years, I finally had one crash on me and of course it was not backed up. I now have an external hard drive and Time Machine on my computer and it backs up every hour. Love that!

Tina said...

Absolutely love the colors and what you did with the ribbons!


Karen said...

Love the neat idea for ribbon bows!

Unknown said...

Hi Barb, (sorry long)

God bless you, you are a much braver person than I, I too lost my computer recently, during Hurricane Irene, due to a power surge, and yes I had a very good surge protector but not good enough, have since learned that they are not the end all, and stupidly I had not done any recent back ups, so I was not a Happy camper, lost pictures of my Mom whom is now deceased as well as my brother in law.

Well I should not say lost, thought I lost, but thanks to some great advice, I went for a SECOND opinion of the status of my disaster and thankfully I did, the first place told me, all was lost and they could not salvage my data, totally trusted this place. Well upon urging I went for a second opinion and they were able to salvage my data, was not cheap in the end, but one can not put a price on these things, and I loved my computer, special ordered it last year, and now it is all gone. Saving it for someone whom repairs on the side, that is a whole story. Was an expensive computer. Now just bought a cheaper one and will make due till I can get the other repaired.

What i came on here to say, (got side tracked sorry),is I almost went the route you did, my brother is a die hard Mac user and he was trying to get me in that direction. But i was concerned with my aging brain and the ability to learn a whole new way of life, not to mention the cost of all the software I have vested and time learning, I know some would have been adaptable, but so much to learn. Yikes. And I forgot how long it takes now to re install all that I was using!! I am still not done.

If I were younger and in better health I might have attempted going with a Mac. I will now be watching for your updates to see how you are doing.
I have learned a lesson I hope, and I have a new external hard drive and now am going to purchase an UN interrupted power source so I don't have a repeat problem, and install software program that automatically updates for me, as i am one of those folks that keeps saying "I will do it later!!".

Good luck with your venture, and again, My hat's off to you, as that is no EASY venture!!
From what my broher says You will love it, as others seem to be posting and saying as well.
I kind of wish I could have done it!! Enjoy and
Good luck to you.