Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ribbon Headband Goodness! Part Two!

Good Saturday afternoon! I have a few more headbands to share today! I've still to get the finishing touches on my packaging of yesterday's headbands! Tomorrow after church, I will be able to finish and share those!
But for today, I have these two beauties to add to the collection! Again, store bought headbands and I added the embellishment. A bit more in the fancy category! For the pink headband I used 1" Tinsel Edge Sheer Pink Ribbon with the highest layer folded in half, running stitch to gather and tacked with thread, that is how the top layer is smaller that the flower base. Such lovely 1.25″ wide Crochet White Lace sits between pink layers, with a Orchid Prima Fairytale Rose, is glued secure atop the entire flower. The yellow headband sports a White 1″ Sheer Ribbon flower with a Buttercup Prima Fairytale Rose. I folded the sheer ribbon over a tiny bit and ran the stitch, then gathered. There is a couple layers of the flower to create this amount of fullness.

And this purple collection! 1″ Sheer Ribbon flower base with a Prima Trellis Rose in Purple Mist is all that is used for the top headband. I stitched right on through the flower to secure! 1/2″ Wrinkled Ribbon and another Purple Mist Trellis Rose sports the second headband. And a very simple purple 3/8″ Gingham Checked Ribbon bow, tied, holding the ribbon in place.

ALL the ribbons are found at The Stamp Simply RIBBON Store! Email Sharon Johnson at to order! Such luscious RIBBON goodness in her store!!!

There you have it! MORE headbands for our two little precious baby girls! See you tomorrow! Take good care!


Unknown said...

These headbands are absolutely gorgeous.

Debby said...

These are darling!

Kathy Jones said...

How adorable are these!!! Barb your creativity is amazing!!

Ree Donnelly said...

Your lil' grandbabies are lucky to have you for a grandmother, Barb! These are more than precious!