Friday, March 11, 2011

Ribbon Flower Headband GOODNESS!

Good Friday afternoon! I hope you've been having a great week! I have been playing with ribbon again! I love the yummy colors, the feel and variety of what can be achieved with a needle & thread and simply RIBBON, it brings me pure joy! You've heard me mention the two newest members to the family are baby girls! And all baby girls need ribbons and bows for their hair or head in one case, not a lot of hair just yet! I purchased stretch headbands and added the ribbon embellishments! I'll walk you through what I used!
For the above headband I used 3/4″ Striped Twill, scroll down a bit to see. For the leaves I folded the ribbon in half, looped and tacked with thread. The flower middle ribbon is folded in half, a running stitch along the edge and pulled to gather, tacked with stitch to hold. The yellow flower base is the ribbon edge stitched with a running thread, gathered and tacked to hold. I then turned the headband inside out so the seam is facing the flower, leaving what will set against the head smooth. The flower layers are sewn together then stitched onto the headband, the flower center is a Prima Fairytale Rose. I peeled the green off before gluing with Aleene's Tacky glue! These are bright, and look so darling on! I went with Yellow, Fuchsia, and Parrot Green 1/2" Wrinkled Ribbon found in the Stamp Simply Cosmo Cricket DeLovely KIT to create the flowers on the above headbands. Again purchased headbands give a vairety of looks! A running stitch pulled tight to gather ribbon gives this ribbon such great fullness. Once gathered, the gathered ribbon is stitched together in a circle to create the flower. Fairytale Prima Roses in buttercup are glued on two of the flowers, while the middle flower center is made as the flower base is. Loops of green for flower leaves and all ribbon components are sewn together and attached to bands. 1 1/4" Crochet Lace with fresh and crisp 5/8″ twill create the top flower along with a heart button from my button jar! The bottom headband sports a repurposed ribbon from a package! 1 1/2" Sheer Velvet Dotted Ribbon and 1/2" White Wrinkled Ribbon create the flower on the top headband. Tinsel Edge Sheer Ribbon creates a traditional bow topped with a 5/8" Twill Ribbon flower along with a heart button from my stash for the lower headband!
All ribbon can be found in The Stamp Simply RIBBON Store, email Sharon Johnson at to order! Tomorrow I'll show how I packaged one of the headbands that I created using The Cosmo Delovely Kit and reveal even more headbands! Take good care! See you tomorrow!


RhondaZ said...

Adorable. You are going to have the best dressed (accessorized) grandbabies in town

marilynwillauer said...

These headbands are just the cuttest ones I've seen!!! Thanks for sharing your projects.
Have a great weekend!

Debby said...

This are so cute!

Joan Fricker said...

Your granddaughters will sure be ready for spring. The headbands are adorable!