Friday, July 24, 2009

Spooktacular Crescent Rolls!

Are these adorable or what? I was browsing at the magazines in my local grocery store while waiting to check out and I spied this wonderful new (new to me) publication called Celebrate Fall by Phyllis Hoffman. There were an array of creations and some of the most wonderful photographed ideas I've seen in a long time! One of which was to form a crescent roll in the shape of an S and when baked, it looks like a ghost! Oh my, I had just received my new JustRite Witch Way to the Treats set and knew this idea would work wonderfully!
This is a totally new idea for me and I was so excited to give it a try. (It doesn't take much to keep me happy!) Some rolls turned out looking more like a mummy! But either way very fitting to use with JustRite's new LIMITED ADDITION set, Witch Way to the Treats. How cute are these? In the magazine, it showed different seeds for the eyes, but I chose to use Peppercorns because they are larger and I had some in my cupboard. I experimented placing peppercorns on before baking and applying some after the rolls came out of the oven. The rolls that I placed the peppercorns on after baking look more like a mummy to me!
Here are the three rolls I embellished. I used a sanitized decorative straight pin to hold the Witch Way to the Treats stamped decor into the rolls.
A peek at the back. To adhere, a glue dot was used on the pin top. I hope you have enjoyed all the JustRite Witch Way to the Treats ideas and creations. Remember this set is a limited edition and when its sold out, it's gone for good! This set utilizes the Round Wooden 1 3/16' stamper. I can't wait to see what you will create using this set! Please let me know so I can take see all your creations!
Take Good care, enjoy this glorious summer day with those you love!


Brandy said...

Very cute idea with Halloween right around the corner.

Anonymous said...

This set is adorable [I got mine today] and I love all the great ideas you have shared! The cookies were great and the rolls are just over the top. Can't wait to share these with my family! Hope all is better with your hubby and you can enjoy the weekend.
Ad K.

lisa808 said...

Yummy idea.

Rose Ann said...

Oh my cute and creative!!

Donna Baker said...

eek! what a fun treat - you always come up with the most clever holiday treats! I love it

Sharon (notimetostamp) said...

Oh my gosh -- just makes me chuckle, too cute!