Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's WagonWheel Sandwich Cookies!

Valentine WagonWheel Cookie Sandwiches
Simple and Yummy!  Over on Pinterest, I came across this idea that was used for a western themed party.  I chose pink heart marshmallows for the center in celebration of Valentine's Day!  I placed the marshmallows onto a paper plate and microwaved until soft.  Not melted, just soft enough to squish so the Keebler Fudge Stripe cookies could stick when sandwiched!   

Glassine Bagged Valentine's Day Cookie Sandwiches
For individual treat giving, I packaged a few in individual glassine bags.  Stop by tomorrow for the finished bag topper, complete for Valentine's Day giving!  How cute and easy are these? You know I love me some easy and so yummy treats!  See you tomorrow!


Lynda said...

Cute idea, Barb! Will check out the topper tomorrow.

Bev J. said...

Pretty and yummy I bet! Lots to check out on Pinterest!

Unknown said...

Barb, you are just so creative, wonderful and easy ide!!