Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Not Quite Finished Studio! Day 2

Hi! Thank you for all your kind words! I wish I could have all of you over...and yes, we have one spare bedroom! First come, first serve! LOL For today's tour, we have the unit that is on the adjoining wall to the closet unit I revealed yesterday!
Again all adjustable shelving. More cupboards, because this unit you can see through the doors, and I still need space to stash items away! The top shelf has a padded lid box that holds material and felt pieces.
The next two shelves display my ribbon jars. The counter serves as another work surface! With an above light and power strip. Housed in the right hand upper cupboard is all my heat embossing items.
The right hand middle cupboard is where I store my Copics, colored pencils, watercolor pencils, and misc. items that fall into that category!
The bottom cupboard is where I keep my sew mini, because I can easily pull it out onto the counter and plug in. Extra ribbons, another box of material, and on the bottom shelf I have given access to my husband! He houses his church treasury info and goods here, to work on the computer when I'm not in here! LOL
Let's take a peek into the left hand side of the unit. Top cupboard is where,for now, I keep packing materials, and all envelopes. This will be rearranged soon, have to find a better place for all the envelopes!
All handheld punches are stored in this Pampered Chef kitchen tool revolving holder. Easy to see, and can turn it easily! Acrylic paints and more lighting!
Bottom left hand cupboard contains my dry embossing light box...there again easy to pull out and plug in! Back drop materials, two baskets of various stands for photographing creations! And on the very bottom, you can see my large ClipIt. I love these! They hold so much and makes it much easier to locate and remember what I have! The blue box is my collapsible light box from Best Light Studio.
And the drawers...the top two hold my punches. This is the top drawer. I have a couple office drawer dividers to keep all the punch outs I did not use. That way when I go to get a punch, it reminds me to check here first! On the right side I have paper clipped extra punched edges for the same reason! The bottom two drawers house all the alterable items I have accumulated! I did weed out this stash out before we moved, but find myself with too many, still! One of my 2010 goals, USE the alterable items!

There you have it, day two tour! Tomorrow, I will have a FlowerSoft creation for the FlowerSoft Blog Hop. Lot's of good things the design team has created!!! Day three of the studio tour will resume on Tuesday! Thanks so much for stopping by, Take good care!


JAY ROSA said...

Love it! Just one question. Where you bought it?

kathy s said...

I am a very jealous crafter- love it congrats

Shawna said...

m-m-m-m-m- what a fortunate lady you be! Your room is a paper crafter's dream. ENJOY!!!

Mary said...

Your new studio is gorgeous! I love that you used all white cabinets.


corysnana said...

Love your room. Would you eventually take a picture when you are in the throws of a project?!? Or are you one of those neat and tidy crafters!?!?

Peggy Maier said...

Wow - this is great - so neat & tidy, not to mention beautiful!