Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's A MESS plus questions answered!

Happy Sunday to you! I am posting a bit late today...we decided to go out to lunch after church with the kids! Fun times! I'm finally back to answer a few questions. What company made the studio units? We had a local carpenter who specializes mostly in closet and new home design. They worked with me quite a bit to get to know what I was looking for. WE love the workmanship, this is something my husband and I could never have accomplished on our own! If you live in west Michigan and want to know the name and contact info, please email. How is your ribbon stored on the shelves in the pic? I know several crafters store their ribbons wrapped around wooden clothespins and place them in containers. I first read about this idea on Nichole Heady's blog. For me, it is a storage issue...I need to SEE what I have, and I do not have a space for those lovely ribbon hangers that I see out now.

What material are the counters? The counters are Formica.

What is the right hand desk drawers used for? Here is where I keep my postal items, as well as items I use in my home, like paperclips, rubber bands, stapler, three hole punch, etc. The bottom drawer is files, and the middle drawer house all my clear blocks, stamp scrubbers, extra pens & pencils, etc.

Does the studio always look like the pic? Can you show us pictures when you are working on a creation?

Yuppers, I am a very messy stamper! This is how it looked pretty much all last week! And here again, if I would only put things right away after use! LOL But really sometimes in the middle of creating, I think I might need that sew mini again, so why put it away? If I only had a maid! There you have it! This is the reality of my working studio! Thanks for asking and letting me share! I do not plan on ever showing photos of my mess again! LOL

Coming up this week:

  • Monday is starting sneak peeks of JustRite's new release sets! YES! Three more sets will be released January 15! And a Design Team blog hop on Monday, January, 18! Mark your calendars, you don't want to miss the FUN!!
  • Also this Monday, some Flower Soft Design team members are revealing UltraFine FlowerSoft! This new product will be available February 1!

Take good care, I'll see you tomorrow with the beginning piece of a creation I've been working on! For the final creation, think spring, water, and a good read!


Rose Ann said...

Thanks for keeping it real,! It's a fabulous space to get messy! ;)

Betty said...

Oh I'm SO HAPPY to see you are a messy stamper too! I just spent all weekend organizing. I wish I had enough money to get custom cabinets like you but alas, I have 2 kids in grad school and a horse hobby too so I have to get buy with shelves and plastic storage units..but I digress, I cleaned all weekend and stamped an hour and it's messy already. That's ok, I know I'm not the only one.

Melanie said...

um Barb, that's not messy!!!