Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Computer, Ankle CRASH!

Good Morning! Thank you so much for the comments on the bookmark gift set! I totally appreciate your words of encouragement! If you have not taken the JustRite Garden Tour, you need to! Click on the Garden Tour badge on the right!

My email account that is listed with this blog is down. I am uploading and visiting through my hubby's account. Hopefully that will be fixed soon! So if you have emailed and I haven't responded that is why!

Additionally, I have fractured my right ankle! Waiting to hear from the Dr. office! The good news is, maybe I will be stamping even more!!! I will keep you posted! Take good care!


akagreenhouse said...

So sorry to hear about your ankle...but whatever gives you more opportunity to stamp, I say go with it!!! Also, I didn't have an chance to comment on your bookmarks. They are fabulous! I will be using that idea. But if you don't know what to do with them...I'm a reader. Just so you'll know. LOL

Anonymous said...

oh Barb I am so sorry you are hurting. The computer problems suck, but the big issue is the ankle. I hope it heals quickly!

Janine said...

OMG Barb!! Take care of yourself!
I wish I was closer so that I could stamp with you!

Barbara said...

Bummer on the ankle. It is such a pain. I remember the effort tryng to get something to drink....hobbelling (is that a word) with two crutches and a glass of milk.

Anonymous said...

Barb, I'm so sorry to hear about your ankle. I hadn't commented on the bookmarks as I didn't see them until today. They are wonderful and another idea of yours that I will use for friend gifting!! What beautiful images from Just Rite!
Take care of yourself, keep that ankle elevated (a stool under the stamping desk should work well!), and soon you'll be good as new.
Gail S.

Sheri said...

oh NO! Some people will do anything to get to stamp more but you just take the cake! Ok, new tv show, Desperate Stampers. Seriously, I hope you are ok and not in too much pain. Take care of yourself - you deserve a little pampering

Donna said...

Oh my, how unfortunate. I know that can be so painful, but if stamping works out that would be a great pass time while you are off your feet! In my stamp area I'd be constantly getting up and down to get something. Hope that's not the case for you. Take care!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your ankle. I hope you aren't in too much pain. I am looking forward to you being able to stamp more though. Did you do this on purpose??? LOL


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your ankle, but if you get more stamping time from it, YEA!!! LOL I am looking forward to more of your projects.


Sarah (Your daughter) said...


Feel better!!!
I hope you and Dad liked the food I brought over yesterday!
I'll see you at lunch today!

Keep up the good work...we are proud of you!!

Love you!


Anonymous said...

hey thats a pretty drastic way to get more stamping time in!;) i hope you feel better soon!

karen adams

Joan Fricker said...

Oh Barb, I am sure sorry to hear about your ankle. Do take advantage of it and enjoy your crafting!


Conniecrafter said...

Oh no bummer about your ankle, hope it isn't too bad and your on the mend quickly, or maybe not huh ;)

Deborah Saaranen said...

Barb, I hope you heal quick!!! Enjoy the guilt-free stamping tho'...! ;)