Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pom Poms!

Here is the step by step process I used for making the pom pom on THIS card last week! My twine is from The Stamp Simply RIBBON Store and comes wrapped in a ten yard bundle like you see above. For only $1.25 folks! Yuppers that is a bargain! Sharon also offers the twine in spools as well. I looped the twine back and forth, the less twine used and smaller loops create a smaller pom pom. Secure wire in middle, twist several times to secure as tight as you can. Pliers can be used to aid this step if desired. Start to trim ends of twine. I knew I wanted more of a ball looking pom pom so I left the mid section slightly longer and cutting the twine shorter as I proceeded to the side and bottom twine.
More trimming, the more I snipped with the scissors, the more fluffy the twine became. Also using my fingers to fluff and even out was helpful.
Viewing from the bottom of pom pom you can see how the shape has developed. The problem I have is I want to keep snipping and I whittle the pom pom down to almost nothing! And the final pom pom! I love to create embellishments to use on creations and this is one easy way to accomplish that task! And another use for the string I so love and hoard! For all your twine and string needs visit The Stamp Simply RIBBON Store!

I was browsing a while back and found THIS GEM of an idea for tiny pom poms! Check it out, so very cool. Take good care friends!
Have a blessed day!


Bev J. said...

Looks like a pom pom on your card but in that last picture looks like a pretty carnation flower! Eye of the beholder and all. :>)

Thanks for the tutorial.

Velta said...

Oh my Goodness...I cannot thank you enough for this tutorial Barb!!! I have been looking for something different to put on my cards and this is JUST the ticket...also thanks for sending me to tiny pom poms site! Just perfect for flower cards!!!