Friday, May 6, 2011

Crepe Paper Goodness!

Hi there! I finally got my camera in working order! Here we go! The crepe paper I used HERE for this creation is from the Melissa Frances Crepe Paper Collection found at The Stamp Simply RIBBON Store! Each package has four colors and comes in 9.8" x 49.2" sheets. I pulled the same colors I started with before and cut the width I needed off one end. The pink is approximately 1 inch and the green 1/2 inch.
To obtain the ruffles on the edge is very simple. I placed the edge lightly between my thumb and index finger and ran my nail along the edge. It stretches the edging causing the paper to ruffle!
And here is what you get with ruffling both sides of the paper strip! By just ruffling the edges, the center does not stretch as much and stays more compact than the edges creating what you see above!
For the green tails on the flower I simply stretched and wrapped around a pencil to get the crepe paper strip to somewhat curl.
Taking two 1/2" strips and pinching the ends with a slight twist allowed me to secure the flower middle to the center of my Gluber! What is a Gluber, you ask? Simply clear adhesive dots, uber sticky on both sides! I found my Glubers at The Stamp Simply RIBBON Store! They come in three sizes, of course you could cut them to any size you might need!
Twist the two strands of Crepe paper pressing onto the Gluber in a spiral. I would press a couple twists one way then switch it the opposite way so I had the pink side showing at times and the green side showing as well.
After attaching the center and taking the first spiral just keep going around! Notice I did not perfectly line up the pink and green strips, I wanted the edge of both to get stuck on the Gluber!
Twist, press and go around until you have reached the Gluber outer edge. Cut tail leaving enough to press under the clear adhesive Gluber when you peel the backing off.
The underside, if you look closely you can see the Gluber and where the crepe paper is sticks to the adhesive.
I had a die cut laying out that I did not use and decided to stick the flower on it and make a card embellishment. What worked really well is the part of the adhesive Gluber extending off the top and bottom of the die cut will enable easy attachment to a creation.
Growing up we always used crepe paper twisted streamers, and placedd them right down the middle of our tables! The crepe paper streamer rolls out in stores now for the most part do not hold the twist that well anymore. But let me tell you, this is some sturdy crepe paper, just the kind I remember using! I simply lightly twisted the tails, touching a bit of glue where I wanted it to stay put.
On one edge of my die cut, I ran a piece of 1/8 inch scortape. Then I cut the pink ruffle down and attached so we have a ruffle extending off the die cut edge.
The larger bows and streamers on my project HERE are ruffled strips of crepe paper that are looped with the ends becoming tails. Laying the loops opposite one another and twisting in the middle creates a bow with tails hanging. I then tied it to secure with Burlap String as shown.
Here is a peek of the bow with loops fluffed and tails positioned below the loops. You could add more loops if desired, make larger loops if wanted, and leave tails longer. It's up to you! So there you have it! So much fun, quick with great results! Give it a try! I hope you do and enjoy the process!

Take great care this weekend and wishing all a Happy and Blessed Mother's Day!


Velta said...

This is such a great tutorial...I have got to get some of this crepe paper...your use of it has me wanting....thank you for the idea and the creation...Happy Mother's Day...if you are a mom...if not, Happy Mother's Day because it is a day for us girls :)

Darlene G said...

The crepe paper projects are beautiful. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to post all these pictures. I will for sure be ordering this crepe paper. Happy Mother's Day.