Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Studio Before

A few pictures of what the builder calls "The Flex Room" and what I am calling The Studio! Here is the entry to the room. Love the glass atop the doors...allows for more light! Even though it was a cloudy day when I took these pictures.
Doors open! WELCOME! You can see pretty well across the room, it's that small! But I'm not complaining at all! With what the builder is going to do, I think it will allow ample space for some serious creating!

We're starting on the left side of the room. And there is a closet, obviously! LOL I have seen so many great ideas utilizing this space!

A view of the closet doors somewhat closed! The walls are definitely a khaki color even though it kinda looks different in each picture!

South wall between the closet and window wall. The blinds are white and wooden slats. I will leave the window treatment as is for now. Maybe add some color later.

And this brings us back to the right side of the room and the entry doors. This is my makeshift computer access table! Printer on the floor! LOL I can view the deck outside the window, and it is very accessible to take picture of cards and creations! I am hoping this improves my photos!

There you have it! The studio before! Can't wait to take pictures of the completion! Stay tuned! Hope all of you are having a wonderful summer time so far!

Take good care, friends!